S提出 Rolls Out Advanced Hybrid Cloud Capabilities for AirLink® Routers



贝南加利福尼亚州.2023年10月17日 – S提出公司 (纳斯达克:SMTC), a high-performance semiconductor, 物联网系统, and cloud connectivity service provider, 今天宣布了一项正在申请专利的混合云安全功能,用于管理其AirLink路由器. 创新之处在于云技术的灵活性和客户对现场基础设施的控制之间的无缝融合, offering unparalleled security and control that aligns with Zero Trust strategies. 

混合的方法: 混合云结合了这两个世界的优点——云技术的可伸缩性和对本地基础设施的控制. 这意味着企业可以迅速扩大业务规模,同时将安全放在首位.

增强的安全: Hybrid Cloud enables businesses to have full control over their cellular-connected networks, with on-site process controls. By requiring on-site authentication, the risk of hacking remotely is substantially reduced. 这 added security layer protects against potential cyber threats, similar to the added security that two-factor authentication provides.

Scalability meets control: The Hybrid Cloud feature integrates with a business's Public Key 基础设施 (PKI), ensuring they have full control over their environment. All operations require local authorization, offering a separation of duties and thorough auditing of the management system. 这, combined with S提出’s unique device-to-cloud security strategy, sets a new industry standard for security and control.

“In addition to the on-premise infrastructure security component, Hybrid Cloud features leverage the inherent advantages of cloud technology, providing scalable infrastructure that evolves with a customer’s business needs, 最大限度地减少对大量硬件投资的需求,并支持快速部署以满足运营需求,大卫·马克兰说, 副总统 of AirLink 网络 Solutions, S提出. “With this new solution, 客户可以依靠一流云平台的专业知识和强大的安全框架,自由地专注于真正重要的业务——他们的核心业务运营.”

行业 experts are also praising S提出’s innovative approach. “Hybrid Cloud is a new and unique approach to an industry wide problem for securing management,丹·谢伊说, 副总统, ABI研究公司. “With the introduction of this new network management feature, S提出提供了一种解决方案,将内部部署安全服务的信任和控制与云的可扩展性优势相结合. 对于任何企业, Hybrid Cloud is an easy-to-implement, cost-effective way to start building their zero-trust security framework.” 


混合云可作为AirLink服务订阅(AirLink Complete或AirLink Premium)的可选功能。.

For more information, visit:  http://www.sierrawireless.com/router-solutions/alms/#hybrid-cloud 


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