S提出的 B卢River®AV处理器芯片组提供HDMI连接作为标准, enabling routing and distribution of AV content over standard 10G 以太网 networks. 关键应用程序, 比如视频直播制作和医疗内窥镜检查, use equipment where the primary AV connectivity is serviced by the Serial Digital Interface (SDI). SDI operating at up to 12Gbps can carry 4K60 video over coaxial cable for long 达到 point-to-point connectivity.

在基于关闭阀oE™的AV-over-IP系统上分发SDI, SDI信号必须转换成或从HDMI. S提出的新 GS12170 SDI/HDMI桥接器件是完美的配套芯片, 当与任何蓝河设备配对时, 启用SDI-over-IP网络. The 图 shows an example of an SDI-enabled 关闭阀oE Transmitter and Receiver for a live 4K remote camera application. AV signals from the SDI PTZ 4K camera are converted in the 关闭阀oE Transmitter for transmission over the 10G network in HDMI format, 并在关闭阀oE接收器中转换回SDI. The GS12170 SDI/HDMI Bridge is a single device that can be configured to convert both SDI to HDMI and HDMI to SDI.

图1. Live 4K remote camera application using an SDI-enabled 关闭阀oE transmitter and receiver.


Only three major components are required to convert SDI to IP and back, as shown in the 图 下面. 通过SDI支持高达4K60, a S提出 12G-SDI cable equalizer is paired with the GS12170 SDI/HDMI Bridge, 配置在SDI到HDMI的转换模式. The GS12170 outputs HDMI signals over a standard TMDS interface which can be directly connected to the 蓝河AV处理器 芯片. 在听筒旁, 应用了相反的过程, with the TMDS output of the B卢River device connected directly to the GS12170 in HDMI to SDI conversion mode. Pairing the GS12170 with a S提出 12G-SDI cable driver provides a fully SMPTE compliant SDI output.

图2. Only three major components are required to convert SDI to IP and back: S提出的 12G-SDI cable equalizer, GS12170 SDI/HDMI Bridge和b卢rriver.

SDI辅助数据必须从源端传输(例如, 相机的元数据), GS12170提供辅助数据提取功能, allowing an external microcontroller (MCU) to access this data via a host interface and convert to RS232 packets for transmission over the 10G 以太网 network. 在接收端应用相反的过程, 哪里GS12170将重新插入辅助数据回SDI流, 如图所示. The GS12170 will also convert up to eight channels of embedded digital audio at 48kHz or 96kHz sampling between SDI and HDMI.