Smart Utilities


Utilities were among the earliest 物联网 (IoT) adopters, 智能电表处于这一增长的前沿, helping utility providers optimize energy distribution and giving customers actionable insights to improve energy efficiency. 

而电表已经存在多年了, 传感器使它们成为“智能”仪表, 实现更好的仪表管理和数据捕获, 分析并传输到云端. 流行的用例包括:

  • 自动计量
  • 电能计量
  • Gas metering
  • 油舱液位监测
  • 变压器监控
  • 公用事业计量、监控和管理
  • Water metering
  • 水流和泄漏监测

Semtech's LoRa® wireless radio frequency technology offers low power and long battery life, making it ideal technology for a wide variety of smart utilities applications relying on battery-powered sensors. Devices featuring LoRa ICs use unlicensed spectrum and can connect readily over indoor or outdoor public, 专用或混合LoRaWAN®网络. 网络是蓝牙、Wi-Fi和蜂窝网络的补充.

Semtech的LoRa ic, complemented by our electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and surge protection products, 提供独特的功能,使成本优化, scalable metering solutions for utility companies and enterprises to automate water, 煤气和电力计量过程.

Discover our semiconductor solutions for your smart utility sensors and equipment.


Energy efficiency and better resource management are public goods we can all benefit from. Smart meters featuring LoRa help to drive these efficiencies for a more sustainable world.  

要开始,请参阅我们的 Build vs. 购买:你的硬件策略是什么? 

Use the simplified block diagram below as inspiration for your smart metering sensors. You can find available LoRa and 电路保护 options through product links below.

Battery SupplyOutput DeviceActuatorIndicatorAlarmSensingMCUAnti-TamperingLeakageEarthquakeProximityEtc.MetrologyInductiveUltrasonicElectromagnetic LoRaTransceiver CircuitProtection

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还没有准备好设计自己的智能公用事业解决方案? Discover LoRa development boards and commercially available module and sensor options through our ecosystem:



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