Smart Environment


Monitoring, measurement, data collection, and analysis leading to actionable insights are among the core benefits of the 物联网 (IoT), 无论行业如何. 说到环境问题, IoT connectivity enables highly scalable and robust networks of “always-on” sensors.

可能在偏远地区或地形复杂的地方, these sensor networks can drive significant impact to combat climate change and create a more sustainable environment, such as:

  • 能源、水、资源节约得到加强
  • 森林砍伐的预防
  • 生态系统保护
  • 保护濒危物种和防止偷猎
  • Environmental information about water, air or other pollution that impact health
  • 保护生物多样性

The long range, low power and long battery life of Semtech's LoRa® wireless radio frequency platform offers an ideal solution for environmental IoT monitoring applications that depend on battery-powered sensors. 使用未经授权的频谱, sensors featuring LoRa ICs seamlessly communicate over indoor or outdoor public, 专用或混合LoRaWAN®网络. 网络是蓝牙、Wi-Fi和蜂窝网络的补充.

IoT solutions enabled by Semtech’s LoRa ICs are used globally for real-time detection and measurement of environmental indicators, 在潜在问题升级前发现它们. Semtech also offers electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection solutions, ideal for 电路保护 in low power wide area network infrastructure.

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Sensors for IoT-based environmental monitoring are highly customizable based on need. 流行的用例包括:

  • 空气质素监测(甲烷、一氧化碳、污染)
  • 森林砍伐的预防
  • 灾难通信
  • 濒危物种保护
  • Flood monitoring
  • 自然灾害监测
  • 辐射泄漏检测
  • 废水和地下水系统监测

第一步是根据您的需求确定正确的设计路径:参见我们的 Build vs. 购买:你的硬件策略是什么? 

Use the simplified block diagram below as a basis for designing your own smart environment sensors. You can find available Semtech LoRa and 电路保护 options through the product links below.

Battery SupplyOutput DeviceActuatorIndicatorAlarmSensingMCUPressureFlowRadiationToxic FumesEtc. LoRaTransceiver CircuitProtection

Other Resources

If you prefer to purchase a smart environment sensor rather than design your own, explore Semtech’s LoRa开发板 and commercially available module and sensor options through our ecosystem: